Ice fishing

An Efficient Way to Store Ice Fishing Rods


I’ve been ice fishing for many years and let me tell you, nothing has frustrated me more over that time than trying to develop an efficient and effective way to store my ice fishing rods. Especially, when the temperature is frigid and I am running and gunning from one spot to another.

The soft mesh “rod gloves” and “rod socks” are fine when the temperature is warm and you can remove your hooks and lures and put them inside a tackle box. But, when it’s freezing out, the last thing you want to do is take off your gloves and fidget with a bunch of tiny snaps, clips, and tackle boxes. As a result, if you’re like me, you throw your rods inside a nylon pack or bag, the hooks get caught on everything, and it is a mess by the time you get home.


Well, have I got good news for you. The folks at HT Enterprise have developed what they call Polar Rod Guards and what a godsend they are. These Polar Rod Guards are precisely what I’ve been looking for. For the first time ever, you can slide your rod inside a hard plastic case, even with the hook still attached and it won’t snag or catch on anything. I could go on and on about how neat these things are, but I won’t.  Simply watch this short video clip and you’ll see why I am smiling from ear to ear these days about this neat, new, ice fishing rod storage system.