Gord Pyzer
Gord Pyzer

Are You Canada’s Smartest Angler? Find Out with Our Exclusive Quiz!



25. What fish is caught the most in Canada?

a) Walleye
b) Trout
c) Bass


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26. Canada’s “smartest” fish are:

a) carp
b) catfish
c) sturgeon


27. Which of the following fish species is likely to live the longest?

a) Salmon
b) Lake trout
c) Muskies


28. Nothing repels fish more than the smell from:

a) insect repellent
b) gasoline
c) antiperspirant

Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh

29. The average five-year-old smallmouth bass in the central U.S. will be 18 inches long and weigh upwards of four pounds. How much does a five-year-old smallie weigh in a typical Canadian Shield lake?

a) One pound
b) Three pounds
c) Five pounds

Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh

30. According to the latest Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada how much money did Canadian anglers spend on durable goods related to fishing in 2010?

a) $750,000
b) $2 billion
c) More than $5 billion