Gord Pyzer
Gord Pyzer

Are You Canada’s Smartest Angler? Find Out with Our Exclusive Quiz!




19. Dodgers and flashers are exceptional trolling aids for attracting lake trout, steelhead and salmon. What’s the main difference between them?


a) Their size and shape
b) Their colour and flash
c) None of the above


20. Compressed High Impact Radar Pulse, or CHIRP, technology is revolutionizing what we see on our sonar screens. It does this by:


a) scanning 360 degrees around the boat for fish
b) sending a sequence of low- and high-frequency signals
c) providing photo-like images beneath and off to the side of the boat

21. Monofilament fishing line is generally preferred for:


a) topwater lures
b) slow-falling presentations
c) both a and b

22. Bass anglers typically favour high-speed baitcasting reels for:

a) jerkbait presentations
b) flipping and pitching
c) topwater presentations

23. The action of your fishing rod describes:

a) how much it will bend
b) how far you can cast with it
c) how easily you can set the hook

Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh

24. Why do salmon anglers typically spool their reels with 20-pound-test monofilament and fluorocarbon lines, while largemouth bass anglers routinely use 40- to 65-pound braid?

a) Pound for pound, bass are much stronger than salmon
b) While braid is more sensitive, it isn’t as strong
c) Salmon frequent open water, while bass prefer thick cover