The top 10 cartridges for hunting deer in Canada


The .30-.30 Winchester pairs perfectly with the Winchester Model 94


If there’s one cartridge that’s taken more deer in Canada over the years than the .30-06, undoubtedly it’s the .30-30. And if the .30-06 is your father’s cartridge, the .30-30 probably brings Grandpa’s rifle to mind. Originally developed in the 1890s as one of the first cartridges designed specifically for smokeless powder, the .30-30 features ballistics that are pretty anemic by today’s standards. Nonetheless, .30-30 ammunition still makes the top-10 list each year in terms of centrefire ammo sales. Clearly, many hunters still consider it a fine deer cartridge.

The .30-30 certainly has its limitations, its effective range being the most notable. Fortunately, modern ammo such as Hornady’s LEVERevolution has breathed new life into this old standby, extending its effective range and improving accuracy. Most .30-30s are chambered in compact, quick-handling lever-action rifles, and that helps explain why—after all these years—it remains such a popular cartridge, especially for still- or stand-hunting deer in dense cover.


Perfect pairing: Winchester Model 94