Blue Fish Radio: Why Alberta Ice Anglers Are Risking Manslaughter Charges

A Conversation with the Alberta Conservation Association

Hear how lake aeration projects are causing a legal headache

Outdoor Canada is pleased to present Blue Fish Radio—podcasts about the future of fish and fishing in Canada. The program, produced and hosted by Lawrence Gunther, is dedicated to sharing first-hand angling knowledge, scientific discoveries and supporting local champions who protect and enhance their waters.

In this episode of Blue Fish Radio, Lawrence talks to the Alberta Conservation Association, which stocks many of the province’s lakes and is responsible for keeping the fish alive throughout the winter. Find out why ice fishing is so important to Albertans, what the ACA does to promote fishing throughout the province, and the legal challenges they now face, which potentially leave any angler who cuts holes in the ice open to manslaughter charges.

But it’s not all bad news: The ACA also runs a very successful Kids CAn Fish program, and offers a list of provincial fishing locations. Find out more about the aeration program on the ACA’s website.

To hear the interview now, press play. To download this podcast to your device, go to the Blue Fish Radio home page.

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