Blue Fish Radio: Why Fraser River sturgeon are in trouble

Blue Fish Radio: Fraser River sturgeon in decline

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Step over the border from British Columbia into the US, and you’ll find sturgeon fisheries opening up to limited recreational harvest, following successful rebuilding of stocks. At the same time, the BC government has authorized clearcutting of key Fraser River juvenile Sturgeon wetland habitat, and the construction of bridges directly on top of prime Sturgeon spawning beds.


For years, BC anglers have been conducting citizen science to monitor the status of the Fraser’s sturgeon, and lobbying for government to do something to halt the decline of juvenile sturgeon numbers.

In this episode of Blue Fish Radio, host Lawrence Gunther talks to John Werring (above), of the David Suzuki Foundation. Werring offers a scathing assessment of the BC government’s inept management of this important historic and economic resource.

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