Bolting Gophers: A Great Way to Practice Stalking, Patience and Shooting

Bolting Gophers

All wildlife that’s hunted should be respected, even rodents like gophers. Bottom line though, they are vermin. They burrow tunnel systems through yards and fields as a means of protection and acquiring food. They annoy land owners and are pests that require extermination before they cause too much damage to livestock, gardens or landscaping. Although there are more drastic solutions to rid a colony, bowhunting works and is pure enjoyment.

Have you ever been lake fishing where the fish are jumping all over 100 yards from your boat? Naturally, you’d move closer to them, but once you arrive, they start jumping from the exact spot you just came from. Gopher hunting is similar. You’ll spot gophers in a portion of the field and then make your way over there. Once you arrive, gophers start popping up where you came from. It’s an endless circle of fun that can easily consume the entire day.

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