Fishing reel

Clayoquot Sound


Species: Salmon

Coordinates: 49° 12€² 0€³ N, 49° 12€² 0€³ N


Location: British Columbia

Why we chose it

In 2009, Coho salmon; Good fly fishing for coho in sheltered water 

When to fish: June through August is best.


Where to fish: Anywhere you can find bait inside the sound, such as kelp beds, small islands and passes.

Tip: Either stationary or drifting, toss bucktails or baitfish imitations.


—Barry Stokes, manager at Islander Reels

In 2008, Coho salmon; Big numbers of feeding coho

When to fish: August.

Where to fish: Around kelp beds near the breakwater.

Tip: Cast orange Clouser Minnows on sink-tip lines.

—Don Freschi, host of Sport Fishing: On the Fly