US dollar bill
US dollar bill

Why Do We Sometimes Publish the U.S. Prices of Outdoor Gear?

Why do we sometimes publish U.S. prices of outdoor products? Let us explain

Recently, we received a phone call from an irate reader, demanding to know why we sometimes publish U.S. prices of new outdoor products in our magazine’s Goods section. In case you were also wondering why, here are the reasons:

  • The U.S.-based manufacturer has yet to establish a Canadian retail price, and has only published a U.S. retail price.
  • The product is not yet available in Canada, and can therefore only be purchased (in U.S. dollars) via the American supplier.

So, why not simply provide a conversion of U.S. prices to Canadian dollars instead? Here is why we do not do that, either:

  • The exchange rate constantly fluxuates. By the time the magazine comes out, the rate could be very much different, making the conversion inaccurate.
  • Retail prices in Canada do not always match the set U.S. price, even after conversion.

And there you have it!

US dollar bill
US dollar bill

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