Fishing reel

Day Two at Wolf Lake, Yukon


This afternoon in the Yukon, it was all about the Arctic grayling. We kicked things off at the outflow of Wolf Lake into Wolf River, catching fish for shorelunch. Then Gord Pyzer and I, along with our new English fishing buddies Frank and John, headed further downstream, and man did we get into the fish. Over the course of a few hours we caught and released almost 300 fish. For the most part, the grayling were nailing nymphs, although we did entice a few with dries to mix things up a bit. Here’s a photo of Gord with one of the mid-sized grayling; many were pushing 18 inches. We have plenty more photos, but until we get back home, they’re locked up on Gord’s digital camera. Now, to start planning for tomorrow…