Fishing reel

Dragon Lake


Species: Trout

Coordinates: 52° 57€² 57€³ N, 122° 24€² 14€³ W


Location: British Columbia

Why we chose it

In 2010, Rainbow trout; A productive lake known for big fish

When to fish: The best fishing is in spring and fall.


Where to fish: When the water is cool, fish shallow reed beds and drop-offs; go deeper as the water warms.

Tip: Fling leech or nymph patterns, or hang a chironomid fly pattern less than a foot off the bottom under a strike indicator in 10 to 20 feet of water.


—Sean Simmons, founder and publisher of Angler’s Atlas

In 2008, Rainbow trout; Lots of fish weighing five-plus pounds

When to fish: May and September.

Where to fish: Weedbeds and shoreline points.

Tip: Hang chironomids and leeches under an indicator.

—Don Freschi, host of Sport Fishing: On the Fly