Expert tip: Hunt wild turkeys without a decoy


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Having trouble enticing that wily old tom into shotgun or archery range with your hen decoys? Even though he may be gobbling back at your loving purrs, it’s likely he’s hanging up because he expects the girls to go him. Or it could be he’s played the game before and is suspicious of your spread. So, what to do? The next time you head out to your favourite turkey territory, try leaving the decoys at home.


The author (above) suggests leaving the decoys at home this season

Instead, simply tuck yourself into the forest fringe alongside a field and start making your most winsome hen calls. Eventually, a primed long beard is bound to come investigate the source, poking along the field edge right to your set-up. Just be sure to switch to a mouth call, get your gun up and stay as still as possible once he starts looking your way.