Wild Cuisine Videos: Original Recipes Prepared by Chef Cameron Tait

Wild Cuisine Videos: Original Recipes Prepared by Chef Cameron Tait

Learn how to prepare this award-winning chef’s delectable fish and game dishes

Hunter, angler and chef Cameron Tait is Outdoor Canada‘s Table Fare game-recipe contributor. As well as sharing his original recipes, he has also created this series of videos showing how he prepares them at home.


Smoked Steelhead Pizza

Mama Mia! Putting a Canadian twist on a classic Italian dish

Moroccan Goose

Cooked to tender perfection with a tasty blend of spices

Tuscan walleye

The tastes of central Italy meet a Canadian favourite

Venison Burgers

Fresh baked fillets with a tasty macadamia crust

Venison Burgers

Topped with smoked cheddar and homemade cherry relish

Cassoulet de Canard

Say au revoir to tough duck legs with this French fare

Seared Salmon

A healthy, easy-to-make dish for those lazy summer days

How to fillet salmon

A surefire method to get perfect boneless fillets

Sous Vide Goose

Boneless breast prepared to tasty, tender perfection

Walleye Kakiage

A tempura twist on frying up your catch of the day


Steamed Whitefish

A taste of Asia featuring bok chop, sake and soy

Boneless Whitefish Fillets

Cameron Tait’s surefire strategy for perfect whitefish fillets

Ancho Venison

A tasty bacon-wrapped roast with a spicy kick

Ringneck Ragout

A creamy wild mushroom and pheasant combination

How to butcher a pheasant

Moroccan Grilled Duck with Apple and Pear Chutney

Tender spice-infused ducks breasts

Walleye Gyros

A taste of Greece for your next fresh-fish shorelunch

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

A light, refreshing meal for steamy summer days

Turkey Pot Pie

A simple, classic dish to make the most of your spring gobbler

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