Wild Cuisine Videos: Original Recipes Prepared by Chef Cameron Tait


Hunter, angler and chef Cameron Tait is Outdoor Canada‘s Table Fare game-recipe contributor. As well as sharing his original recipes, he has also created this series of videos showing how he prepares them at home.

Grilled Venison

Barbecued shoulder cut topped with tasty salsa



Butchering basics

How to debone venison shoulder

Goose Gumbo

Cooked to tender perfection with the tastes of Louisiana


Crusted Walleye

Crushed pita chips give this fish dish a satisfying crunch

Blueberry-pepper Elk

Roasted tenderloin drizzled with a sweet and spicy sauce

Duck Schnitzel

Sehr Gut! A delicious Austrian staple with a waterfowl twist

Smoked Steelhead Pizza

Mama Mia! Putting a Canadian twist on a classic Italian dish

Moroccan Goose

Cooked to tender perfection with a tasty blend of spices

Tuscan walleye

The tastes of central Italy meet a Canadian favourite

Venison Burgers

Fresh baked fillets with a tasty macadamia crust

Venison Burgers

Topped with smoked cheddar and homemade cherry relish

Cassoulet de Canard

Say au revoir to tough duck legs with this French fare

Seared Salmon

A healthy, easy-to-make dish for those lazy summer days

How to fillet salmon

A surefire method to get perfect boneless fillets

Sous Vide Goose

Boneless breast prepared to tasty, tender perfection

Walleye Kakiage

A tempura twist on frying up your catch of the day


Steamed Whitefish

A taste of Asia featuring bok chop, sake and soy

Boneless Whitefish Fillets

Cameron Tait’s surefire strategy for perfect whitefish fillets

Ancho Venison

A tasty bacon-wrapped roast with a spicy kick

Ringneck Ragout

A creamy wild mushroom and pheasant combination

How to butcher a pheasant

Moroccan Grilled Duck with Apple and Pear Chutney

Tender spice-infused ducks breasts

Walleye Gyros

A taste of Greece for your next fresh-fish shorelunch

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

A light, refreshing meal for steamy summer days

Turkey Pot Pie

A simple, classic dish to make the most of your spring gobbler