Species: Pike, Trout

Coordinates: 54° 40€² 26€³ N, 94° 14€² 48€³ W


Location: Manitoba

Surface area: 1,151 km²

Why we chose it

Pike; Abundant large fish


When to fish: Mid-June.

Where to fish: Peekaboo Bay.


Tip: Make long casts parallel to the shoreline with topwater baits or large bucktail flies.

—Jim Hoey, host of The Dimestore Fishermen

Lake trout; Legendary fishery, great lodging and good numbers of lunkers

When to fish: After ice-out through early July.

Where to fish: Flats in 25 feet of water, inflows, bays, points, reefs, rock piles and humps.

Tip: Cast light jigs, jig or troll one- to three-ounce bucktail jigs, troll herring-teaser rigs behind beaded line weights or Dipsy Divers, or cast or troll spoons or large crankbaits.

—Steve MacInnis, host of Adventures North