Black and white photo of a white rose in bloom
Black and white photo of a white rose in bloom

Goodbye Paul Quarrington

Update: Field Editor Jake MacDonald, one of Paul Quarrington’s longtime fishing buddies and friends, will be providing a fitting tribute to Paul in Outdoor Canada’s upcoming March/April issue.


I can’t really write this properly right now. I just learned my friend, fishing buddy and favourite writer has passed away. My buddy Bill Shields e-mailed me the sad news this morning; I picked up the message not half an hour ago, sitting here in the Vegas airport.

Paul Quarrington. Please be in Fishing Heaven.

Here’s a photo of Paul, that happens to be sitting on my laptop.

And here’s a link to a blurb on our last outing: click here.

Damn. Paul, Jake MacDonald and I were supposed to have lunch this month.


Fight cancer, people.

Sorry, I’m too upset to write more right now.

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