Canadan Firearms Auctions


Outdoor Canada’s Guns & Ammo column often receives requests from readers for suggestions on selling firearms, particularly firearms that may be of interest to collectors. Here are several auction houses that deal with firearms.

If you know of other Canadian auction houses specializing in firearms, please send the contact information to


Olds Auction Mart

Olds, Alberta

We have now been in the firearms business for about three years. We have three sales a year, where we limit each sale to 200 guns and mix miscellaneous in throughout. We have had excellent feedback due to our lowest commission rates in the business, and our auction expertise. We have been in the auction business since 1953. We have a large team and are family owned and operated, and try very hard for the consignors. We advertise the guns very well, and also offer online bidding with video, which has really been of help.

Contact: Tyler Rosehill, (403) 507-1782;



Switzer’s Auction & Appraisal Service

Bancroft, Ontario

Switzer’s Auction and Appraisal Service is your full service professional Auction and Appraisal Company in business to service your needs. Paul Switzer and his wife Nancy have been involved in the auction business since 1989, their company The Switzer Group was chartered in 1978. We are entering our 38th year in business. At Switzer’s we specialize in sporting, hunting, collectibles, militaria and everything related to hunters, target shooters and collectors. When it comes to firearms, we are Estate Specialists able to transfer, register, transport and sell non restricted, restricted and prohibited firearms including rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers and historical military firearms. Call us for a professional consultation.

Contact: Paul and Nancy Switzer, 1-800-694-2609; 


Ward’s Auctions & Bud Haynes Auctions

Edmonton, Alberta

Have you been tasked with dealing with a firearms collection? Whether as an executor, surviving spouse, friend. We can help. Collections from local and distant estates, collectors, dealers or even just a couple old family pieces.

Contact: Brad Ward, 780-940-8378;


Extreme Range Outfitters

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We are Canada’s go-to shop for long-range, optics & weekly online auctions. Hunting, archery, firearms, fishing and more.

Contact: 306-380-7363;


Wild Rose Auction Services

Wheatland County, Alberta

We hold monthly online sportsman, combined with equipment (farm and heavy), auctions. With over 30 years of experience, we have the right people and processes in place to ensure your items are well represented and marketed to the right buyers. We have competitive rates and can accommodate onsite or remote online auctions depending on your needs.

Contact: 403-934 -7653;


Harris & Sons Auctions

Granville Centre, Nova Scotia

We are happy to buy items outright or consign them to auction (single items or whole collections). Our specialty auctions including fine art, antiques, firearms & hunting items, advertising & toys.

Contact: 902-308-0594;