Fishing reel

Hearne Lake


Species: Pike, Trout

Coordinates: 62° 14€² 48.2886€³ N, -113° 15€² 21.6894€³ W


Location: Northwest Territories

Why we chose it

Lake trout; Spectacular scenery, great lodge and good numbers of fish

When to fish: Right after ice-out (late June/early July) and mid- to late August.


Where to fish: Let lodge owner Don Stretch point you in the right direction.

Tip: Troll or cast big spoons, or jig deep with tubes.


Pike; See above

When to fish: In late June/early July after ice-out, and the last two weeks of August.

Where to fish: Back bays and weedy shorelines.

Tip: Cast spoons, jig, or fly fish with big streamers.

—Scott Rawlings, host of Fishing Alberta