6 lessons turkey hunters can learn from observing hens

Lady lessons

To truly understand wild turkey behaviour, nothing beats the lessons learned from crashing a hen party

Devin Homick (above) might not be the turkey whisperer, but he certainly qualifies as one. A lifelong resident of Norfolk County, the cradle of the Eastern wild turkey’s remarkable return to Ontario, Homick is a passionate turkey hunter with 15-plus years of experience. He takes every opportunity to head into the spring woods with his compound bow, and graciously shares his knowledge with others. His best advice? Learn from the birds themselves, especially the hens.


“To me, every experience with a hen, tom, jake or multiple birds is something to learn from,” he says, noting that studying the female birds, in particular, is key to luring a gobbler into gun or bow range. “If you are trying to be a hen, they are the best teachers. The real thing is where it’s at.” I couldn’t agree more. Here’s what I’ve learned from Homick—and from my own time in the spring turkey woods—about putting hen behaviour to your strategic advantage.

Turkey hunters would do well to study hen behavior. This season, try crashing a #henparty to learn about calling, concealment, decoying and more. Click to Tweet
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