How to snare snowshoe rabbits in the winter

What do you do when, as is the case this winter, it is taking forever for the lakes to freeze and good ice fishing conditions to develop?  Well, you go into Canada’s winter wonderland North Country, set a few snares and trap snowshoe rabbits.

It is fantastic exercise, pumps plenty of fresh air into your lungs and at the end of the day, with a little bit of luck, you’ll be rewarded with the makings of a truly wonderful nutritious and delicious dinner.

I like to think of it as part of my 100 Mile Diet.

Snaring snowshoe rabbits – or varying hares as they are more properly known –  has become a winter time tradition for my grandson, Liam and me, because it just so much fun.

And if you’ve never done it before, it is, oh, so easy, requiring the barest of necessities.  Just be sure to check the legal requirements for your province or local area.  For example, in Northern Ontario where I live, you can legally snare rabbits all winter long (there is also no possession limit) provided you possess a resident small game hunting license and use extremely light and malleable 22 to 24 gauge brass wire.  The opening of the wire loop must also be 10 cm (4 in.) or less in diameter.

Now, sit back, go full screen, and click on the following video link to learn everything you need to know to successfully snare snowshoe rabbits this winter.

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