Ice-fishing Friday: How to pick the best shelter

Gimme shelter

Time to ditch that old ice hut? Here are the latest options


The latest advancement in shelters is the crossover style, which combines the easy set-up and take-down features of a flip-over with the spaciousness of a pop-up. A good example is the Eskimo EVO 2. I used one last winter and I was really impressed. It offers 34 square feet of interior space, allowing you to stand up, use longer ice rods and get high hooksets. There’s also plenty of room for your sonar, heater and multiple holes. And the oversized doors on each side let you enter and exit without stepping over your equipment.

If you opt for a crossover, put a foam mat on the floor of the sleigh to cushion the ride when you travel over rough trails and portages. When it’s time to move, just turn off your heater and place it on the mat along with your rods, tackle bags and skimmer. It takes less than two minutes to fold up the shelter, pull the cover over it and scoot away to your next hot spot. So much for that heavy, clunky permanent hut I placed off Jackson’s Point so many years ago.

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