Winter fishing

My drive to work each day in the winter


Okay, let’s have some fun with this today, as I thought I’d share with you a couple of minutes of my typical drive “to work” each day in the winter.

Okay, so you don’t consider what I do to be “work”.


Still, when folks listen to me chat with Ang each Saturday morning, on Fish Talk With The Doc  on the Outdoor Journal Radio Show or read about my ice fishing trips in Outdoor Canada Magazine and I mention about driving the truck or snowmachine down one of the larger lakes in Northern Ontario, they have a hard time comprehending what I am talking about.

You drive your truck and snowmachine on the ice?” they ask incredulously.  I won’t tell you what my friends in the States say.

So, to give you a short perspective, click on the following video clip and watch.


By the way, I shot this using the new Shimano CM-1000 Action camera, the very same one that the bike riders use in the Tour de France and man, oh, man is it ever slick.

As a matter of fact, the camera arrived on Friday afternoon, I plugged it in to charge up the battery and then popped it on top of grandson Liam’s snowmachine helmet on Saturday morning when we headed off to go ice fishing.   Then I hit the record button and well, take a peek ….


By the way, I am going to provide a detailed field review of the CM-1000 Action Camera once I get a chance to submerge it under the ice while I am fishing – can you believe it is totally waterproof without the need for a separate case.

But, that is a discussion for another day.

Right now, simply click on the following link and tell me …. would you trade your drive to work each day for mine?