National Fishing Week (July 1st to 9th) is the perfect time to get on the water with family and friends


The Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation (CNSF) is reminding Canadians that there are countless adventures waiting, and they don’t need to travel very far to experience them. National Fishing Week, July 1st to 9th, is an annual summertime event designed to help Canadians experience the thrill of recreational fishing for the first time—or the first time in a long time.


Dedicated anglers know that fishing is an easy and affordable way to connect with nature, and with each other. National Fishing Week is the perfect time to spread that message by taking friends and family out on the water to introduce—or re-introduce—them to the joys and pleasures of angling.

Time on the water is a great way to reconnect with family and friends

If you need another reason, angling has been proven to benefit mental health. “Studies have found that fishing has a positive impact on mental wellness,” says Mike Melnik, Managing Director of the CNSF. “Here in Canada, we are incredibly rich with so many places to experience nature and cast a line, be it a local stream, river, lake or even an ocean. And because fishing is relatively affordable during this time of high inflation, it means anyone can participate.”

National Fishing Week is supported by Catch Fishing, a national program dedicated to encouraging Canadians to get outdoors and enjoy our angling heritage throughout the year. It is supported by federal, provincial and territorial governments, as well as hundreds of organizations and businesses that work hard to ensure sustainable fishing opportunities while safeguarding fish populations everywhere.


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