Outdoor Canada makes news on NBC


Outdoor Canada magazine’s penchant for sometimes going beyond the typical hook-and-bullet fare found in most other outdoor magazines has struck a chord with news watchers in northeastern Pennsylvania.

In our recent Winter 2010 issue, we ran an exclusive investigative piece by Charles Wilkins on the controversial shooting death of American Mark Harshbarger during a 2006 hunting trip in Newfoundland. The Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, man was shot by his wife, Mary Beth Harshbarger, who claims she thought he was a black bear. She is currently fighting an extradition order to face charges in Canada.


While news of the incident has been reported in the local Pennsylvania media, the Outdoor Canada story is garnering attention for revealing previously undisclosed details of the shooting. So much so, in fact, the NBC affiliate WBRE Eyewitness News recently ran a spot on the article. Check it out here.