Outdoor Canada publishes its first-ever ebook, Fish Across Canada

Outdoor Canada publishes its first-ever ebook, Fish Across Canada

Many, many moons ago, I vowed to publish my first book before I turned 40. Well, let’s just say that didn’t happen. But goals are easily revised, so the age of 50 became my new cut-off date to get published, and today I’m happy to say I did it—I beat my self-imposed deadline, and by more than a year at that!

That’s right, my first-ever book went on sale today: Fish Across Canada, a compilation of my fishing adventure features. To quote the blurb about the book: “From the Quebec wilds to the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Ocean, follow along as Editor-in-Chief Patrick Walsh reprises some of his favourite fishing tales from the pages of Outdoor Canada magazine. Whether he’s tackling giant northern pike or tiny trout, Walsh’s love of angling shines through in this collection of often self-deprecating travelogues—as does his fascination with the history, geography and people of the far-flung destinations he has visited.”

You won’t find this handsome new volume in your nearest bookstore, however. Instead, you’ll be able to buy it online for your e-reader, tablet or other device of choice. In keeping with the changing media landscape, we here at Cottage Life Media Inc. have added a new ebook publishing program to our suite of offerings, and Fish Across Canada is first out the gate, along with The Best of Canada’s National Parks from Explore.

Fish Across Canada goes for $2.99, while The Best of Canada’s National Parks sports an introductory price of $1.99. Over the coming months we plan to publish even more ebooks, including The Best of Banff, an in-depth look at Canada’s first and favourite national park, due to be released on July 17.

Both books—and more to come—are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo and Sony ReaderStore.

To find Fish Across Canada for the device of your choice, simply follow one of these links:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Kobo
  • Sony ReaderStore

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