Pro secrets for bowhunting early-season elk

Expert tips for bowhunting elk in the early-season, pre-rut period




Shooting from a treestand can be very effective, but because elk travel along so many routes, picking the right spot is difficult. One productive location is over watering holes or wallows (above). Move in quietly, remain still once you’re set up, and put in your time at dusk, dawn and midday. Because elk herds travel such vast distances, patience is the key to a successful ambush.


If you prefer a more active strategy, your best bet is to find elk feeding at dusk or dawn, then set up an ambush on a trail leading to their bedding area. This requires intricate knowledge of the terrain the elk are using, but it’s highly effective when they decide to meander your way for a rest. Also seek out trails that funnel into watering holes, or change elevation slightly in either direction.