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Salmon on the Saugeen River


The Question

I have planned a trip in September to fish for salmon on the Saugeen River in Southampton. My problem is that none of my fishing buddies know this area and the camp owner is not a fisherman! Could you slip me some info on baits, technique, etc. for this area?

The Answer

Hi Irish Smitty.


I would strongly suggest you do an Internet search and then contact some of the local guides and charter boat operators in the Southampton area in order to obtain complete up-to-date conditions on the lake, river and state of the salmon run. The local MNR office is also a great source of information.

While the Saugeen gets a wonderful run of salmon and steelhead, September is early for good fishing in the river itself.

A lot depends on the weather conditions, but the best runs usually develop much later in the fall. Fishing in late summer/early fall period is usually associated with the main lake and often involves trolling spoons, plugs and flies off downriggers and behind planer boards.


A friend,

Gord Pyzer
Fishing Editor