How to catch the often-overlooked walleye in shallow water

One midsummer afternoon, I was pulling spinner rigs in 12 feet of water along the edge of a long weedline, and the walleye bite was hot. Then a boat approached and the driver cut the engine. “How many pike are you getting?” he hollered.


“None,” I shouted back, and before I could say another word, he waved, put the hammer down and headed out into the lake, joining a growing crowd of anglers fishing for walleye in 30 feet of water. It never even occurred to him that we might also be catching walleye—like most anglers during the summer months, he automatically headed straight for deeper water.

Deep spots can certainly be productive, but walleye can also be found in shallow areas all summer long, where they get a lot less angling pressure. Here are four tips for avoiding the crowds this summer, and still getting in on some great walleye action…