How to have a great camping and fishing trip with young kids at Silent Lake Provincial Park…and stay (mostly) sane


Step 8

Have fun

Mom and kids

Dad with kids


Remember, it’s a vacation so slow down, relax and enjoy some non-scripted time. Whether real or imagined, it seems that parenting these days comes with more pressure than ever. Getting away from routines and schedules for a little while is a great way to recalibrate, reconnect and regain perspective. And though the fish weren’t cooperating on the one decent weather day we could get out in the canoe, we rolled with the punches, stayed positive and focused on our next fishing opportunity, where the kids caught a pile of rock bass at a friend’s cottage in the same area. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of how hard you try, but how often. And in the end, the smiles are worth all the effort.

Maya with fish
Bob Sexton