Image Via: Wes David
Image Via: Wes David

Spring snow geese: A primer on scouting, set-ups and gear for these plentiful honkers

The snows of spring

They’re coming! Are you ready for some of the year’s biggest waterfowl hunts? Our spring snow goose primer is here to help

For spring snow geese, you need to hide in plain sight

There’s nothing like being in the field after a long winter, and in 2018, Alberta joined Saskatchewan and Manitoba for the first time in offering a spring snow goose hunt. As with many regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Alberta’s spring shoot runs for several months, so there will be ample opportunity for cabin-fever hunters to spend some time afield. And like Manitoba, Alberta will also offer a spring hunting season for Ross’s geese.

But just because an overabundance of geese has led to these new hunting opportunities, don’t think that bagging your limit is as simple as throwing out a few white decoys and lying in a blind.


Whether you head afield in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, here’s what you need to know to make the most of your spring hunt.

Please note: Exact dates of the spring snow goose hunt vary among provincial jurisdictions, so be sure to check before heading afield. You can find links to the snow goose regulations for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba at
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