Where rock ’n’ roller Steve Patenaude goes to drum up big fish

Steve Patenaude's fishing hot spots

Drummer for Eleven Past One (and tournament angler) shares his fishing hot spots

For our 2016 Fishing Special issue, Outdoor Canada recruited a supergroup of acclaimed Canadian recording artists, who also happen to be hard-core anglers. And these fishin’ musicians agreed to sing about their favourite Canadian fishing holes—74 in all. For the full list, see The Fishin’ Musicians.

Steve Patenaude
Steve Patenaude

As the drummer for Warner Music pop band Eleven Past One, Steve Patenaude should be on top of the world. In 2014, the group’s catchy “The World is Ours” hit gold-record status in Canada, and the band will debut new tunes later this year. But Bowmanville, Ontario’s Patenaude has a big worry—as the band gets bigger, he may have less time for fishing. “Ever since catching my first sunfish at age five, I’ve been addicted,” he says. How addicted? In 2015, Patenaude entered eight bass tournaments, placing in the top 10 in three of them. His hot spots cover the full southern Ontario season, from winter walleye to fall steelhead.

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Favourite fish: Bass

Favourite type of fishing: Topwater bass

Favourite fishing song: “Fishin’ in the Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


GPS: 44.151, -77.250

FISH: Walleye

WHY: Deep shoals producing big fish

BEST TIME: Late January and February

BEST LURES: Lipless crankbait, jig and minnow


GPS: 43.907, -78.688

FISH: Chinook salmon, steelhead

WHY: Heavily populated with fish during the run

BEST TIME: Late August and early September

BEST LURE, FLY: Blood-dot bead, stonefly


GPS: 48.708, -91.288

FISH: Lake trout

WHY: Deep shoals with schooling fish

BEST TIME: Early July

BEST BAIT: Jig and Imperium Baits’ The Ace soft-plastic


GPS: 44.173, -78.842

FISH: Largemouth bass

WHY: Shallow, with lots of weedy bays holding lots of bass

BEST TIME: June to August

BEST LURE: Topwater frog


GPS: 44.162, -78.195

FISH: Largemouth bass

WHY: Lots of weeds, docks and cover make it ideal for bass

BEST TIME: June to October

BEST BAITS: Senko, tube jig


GPS: 44.542, -78.164

FISH: Walleye

WHY: Clear water, deep shoals and lots of underwater rock structure

BEST TIME: May and June

BEST LURE: Jigging blade bait

Justin Beckett
Justin Beckett

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