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Drink a salmon martini

At Pond’s Resort on New Brunswick’s Miramichi River, you can sleep alongside the salmon in the riverside log cabins, the main lodge or the backcountry camp. You can fish for the salmon on the resort’s 14 kilometres of river and 16 salmon pools, and you can dine on the salmon. And at the end of the day, you can even drink the salmon, courtesy of the house specialty—the Smoked Salmon Martini.

Developed by lodge owner Keith Pond, the cocktail is made by marinating a strip of coldsmoked Atlantic salmon in gin (or vodka) and dry vermouth for an hour before serving. There’s also an express version, which skips the marination and puts the salmon in a cocktail shaker with the alcohol—it’s cloudier, but just as tasty. In either case, the martini is served in a chilled glass with capers and a lemon twist. For extra presentation points, you can wrap the marinated salmon strips around olives on a cocktail pick. The end result? Heaven in a glass.

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