Tackle Week 2018: The Year’s Must-have New Angling Accessories

2018’s Best New Accessories

You’ll wonder how you ever fished without these sonars, lines, tackle totes, lights and more

Best Fluorocarbon Line

Crank FC
Crank FC

Crank FC

Crank FC is made specifically for reaction lures such crankbaits, jerkbaits, rattlebaits and vibrating jigs, which require more line stretch to cushion hits than what normal fluorocarbon lines offer. It’s also slicker, more abrasion resistant and longer lasting than regular fluoro. If you fish with reaction baits—and let’s face it, we all do—you’re going to want to spool an outfit or two with this line.

Sunline America, (310) 538-6887; www.sunlineamerica.com

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