The best rig for late-season perch, crappies and bluegills

In season: Panfish

Increase your catch with this double-jig rig

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The next time you find late-season crappies, yellow perch and bluegills spread out along the lake bottom, here’s a technique for catching twice as many fish. Take a 10-inch length of four-pound fluorocarbon leader material and attach it to your mainline leader of the same material using a simple double or triple surgeon’s knot. Tie it on so that it terminates about 10 inches up from the end of the main leader; that way, the lines will never tangle.

Use a surgeon’s knot so this double-rig won’t tangle

Next, tie a 1/8-ounce white, silver or gold ball-headed jig to the end of each leader and thread on a two- or three-inch white or white pearl curly tail grub. Flip the rig over the side of the boat and let out enough line so the jigs are within a foot or so of the bottom. Then drift with the wind or use your electric trolling motor to pull the boat slowly along. Double-header, coming up!

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