Ice-fishing facts: The only four walleye lures you'll ever need

Ice-fishing facts: The only four walleye lures you’ll ever need

The only walleye baits you'll ever need

Lighten your hardwater tackle box by sticking to the Big Four

Okay, here is the test question of the day: What are the most important lures every walleye ice angler needs to have in his or her tackle box?

That is the question that two Outdoor Canada magazine readers—Edward Palchinski and Domenic Callo—recently asked me via email.

It is a super questions, because I firmly believe you don’t have to haul around a bunch of tackle boxes, filled with dozens of different baits.  Indeed, I believe that all you need are four specific lure styles in order to catch walleye if you’re ice fishing anywhere in North America. Now, let’s make this fun—what do you think those “big four” lures styles are? Give it some thought, and then watch the following video clip where I demonstrate each style and discuss how to use them.

Do you agree, or do you think I missed something?

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