The value of these readers’ vintage firearms may surprise you


Collector’s corner: Colt revolvers


Among the most recognized and collectible firearms, Colt revolvers are known by several names, such as 1873, Model P, Single Action Army and Peacemaker. The two pictured here are third-generation models made around 1980. Among collectors, they’re probably the least in demand of any variation, yet their value has nonetheless increased in recent years. Unfired and never cocked, complete with their original boxes and papers, these .44-40s would likely bring $2,000 each or more at auction.

The rifle, meanwhile, is a mid-1950s production Winchester 94 in .30-30, and it would likely sell for $650 to $750 at auction. Jerry Haugen of Haugen Handgun Leather made the gun belt and holsters, among the last items he made before retiring. Since the set is a one of a kind item and highly prized by the owner, I won’t speculate on the value.

As for the custom-made and engraved spurs, they were commissioned by Weatherby and presented to outdoor writers at the 2005 Weatherby Writers’ Conference in Texas (just a few kilometres from where the opening scenes of the western miniseries Lonesome Dove were filmed). I believe only about 20 to 25 pairs were made, so I’d certainly call them collector’s items—though the odds of ever finding a pair for sale are extremely slim.


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