Try this pro trick when downrigging for chinook and coho


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When you’re trolling for chinook and coho salmon on the West Coast, it’s standard practice to run a flasher or dodger on your main line several feet ahead of your cut-bait rig. It’s much more effective, however, to tie the attractor to a short, two-foot-long leader and attach it to your downrigger cannonball instead, leaving the cut-bait by itself on the main line.


To land more salmon, change the position of your dodger or flasher

This lets you run the bait closer to the attractor, and if you’re trolling with two or more downriggers, you can slightly elevate and lower them to simulate a dense school of anchovies or herring. And when it comes time to land the salmon of a lifetime, you won’t have to contend with a clumsy attractor dangling on the main line ahead of the fish.