Exclusive video: How to adjust your lures for better hook-ups


Take a close look inside your tackleboxes and we bet you’ll see plenty of lures, especially the jerkbaits and crankbaits you troll for muskies, pike, walleye and lake trout, that bear scuff marks on their sides. While some anglers view these scars as badges of honour, they can hurt your fishing success.
Scuff marks typically occur due to the middle treblehook not being shaped like the letter-T, causing the points to rub against the flanks and wear off the paint. If your lure is made of wood, this can even affect its buoyancy over time. Regardless of the material, however, scuff marks are a clear indication your treblehook isn’t teed up properly.  The result: dull hooks and missed fish.
The good news is that fixing the problem is easier than you might think. Click on the video link below to learn how to properly tee up your hooks and maximize your chances of landing more and bigger walleye, lake trout, northern pike and muskies on your next big fishing adventure.