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2015’s Best Bowhunting Gear: 7 New Bows and Crossbows

Stealth FX4

The Latest Bows for Canadian Archers Are Faster, Smaller, Lighter and Smoother Than Ever

The archery world is booming, and anyone on the hunt for new equipment is now faced with the not-so-bad problem of having too many great products to choose from. Here are the new bows and crossbows I want to take afield this year. Tomorrow, the year’s best new arrows and accessories.



From newcomer New Breed Archery, the Blade compound bow has a very smooth draw cycle, with a long valley, and it eases back into the let-off to a solid back wall. It’s 34 inches axle to axle, with a draw length of 27 to 30 inches and a forgiving 6.5-inch brace height. It weighs just four pounds and shoots 335 fps. For a one-of-a-kind bow, order a custom-fit aluminum riser.

New Breed Archery