2015’s best bowhunting accessories

The latest arrows, broadheads, sights, blinds and more for Canadian archers

The archery world is booming, and anyone on the hunt for new equipment is now faced with the not-so-bad problem of having too many great products to choose from. Here are the new arrows and accessories I want to take afield this year. Also see, 2015's best new bows and crossbows.



White Label offers a simplified approach for archery enthusiasts confused by the intricacies of arrow selection: the arrows are sold in four-packs for compound bows up to 70-pound draw weight, and in all arrow lengths up to 29 inches. Shafts are cut to length and all components come assembled—just screw in a broadhead and go hunting.

Beman, (801) 539-1400; www.beman.com



The Helios nock system stabilizes arrow flight even in extreme crosswinds. The design allows the fletching to spin 10 times faster than conventional vanes, making the arrow fly straighter, quieter and more accurately, and with better penetration. The system is comprised of six small vanes and a lighted nock, which glows through the translucent vanes.

Nockturnal, (770) 387-9300; www.nockturnal.com



Known for opening reliably every time, Wasp broadheads have been made in the same U.S. factory for more than 40 years. This two-blade mechanical has a two-inch cutting diameter, and a O-ring to hold the .036-inch blades in place until they deploy and lock on contact. The head has a pressed-on stainless cutting tip and comes in 100-grain weights, three to a package.

Wasp Archery, 1-860-283-0246; www.wasparchery.com



Named after the Merriam’s, Osceola, Rio Grande and Eastern species of gobblers, the MORE turkey broadhead sports a three-inch cutting diameter in a 125-grain head. The three .051-inch stainless blades are fixed and perpendicular to the aluminum ferrule, but can be folded back for transport and storage. The head also works with flu-flu arrows for flying targets.

Muzzy Outdoors, 1-770-387-9300; www.muzzy.com



Bowhunters looking for dead-on accuracy at long ranges will find the micro-adjustment dial on this TruGlo sight smooth and accurate. Once you have the sight calibrated to your bow, you simply use one pin to dial-in any distance via the precise elevation adjustments on the dial.

TruGlo, (972) 774-0300; www.truglo.com



The Arrow Vault is a storage case, portable quiver and durable travel container for 12 arrows or bolts of any size, along with seven broadheads. Individual inserts hold the arrows, which can be locked in place with the turn of a dial. The case has fold-out legs for use when shooting targets, and sling studs for carrying.

Ruffed Outdoors, (814) 574-8469; www.ruffedoutdoors.com



The Launching Pad is literally a mobile storage and scent vault for all your bowhunting clothes, from socks to the warmest jacket and pants. Just unzip the locker and stand on the foot pad in the centre of the storage bag to step out of your street clothes and slip into your hunting clothes in seconds. The case also accommodates your compound bow.

Sitka Gear, (406) 522-3378; www.sitkagear.com



Modeled after a round hay bale, this blind is ideal for open country where treestands aren’t an option. Measuring 64 inches long, 72 inches wide and 70 inches high, the Sportsman has five shooting windows for 360-degree target acquisition. And the sturdy metal frame and waterproof fabric cover make it weather resistant for any season.

Redneck Outdoor Products, 1-877-523-9986; www.redneckblinds.com