Saskatchewan's 2017 hunter harvest survey yields disappointing response
Mar 22, 2018
Information is essential for game management, says Sask Wildlife Federation
Why less is sometimes more when it comes to hunting equipment
Mar 21, 2018
New technologies have changed the way we hunt. But we don’t always have to use them
Sometimes ice-fishing for walleye on Lake Winnipeg can be stranger than fiction
Mar 20, 2018
When the massive, greedy greenbacks come calling, some wild things can happen
On the Water Online
4 fantastic new facts about fishing and hunting in Canada
Mar 19, 2018
From 6 to 435,000—current numbers that outdoorsfolk need to know
Ice-fishing Friday: Catch 4 times more fish with this simple tackle hack
Mar 16, 2018
A spring bobber can save the day when they’re biting light. Here’s how
Ice Fishing
How anglers and hunters can protect Canada's wilderness
Mar 15, 2018
New group says keeping nature pristine means hard work, backwoods skills and patience—not easy access
Blue Fish Radio: Why wetlands are still the best protection against rising waters
Mar 14, 2018
Engineer explains how creating and sustaining wetlands may prevent future Great Lakes flooding
Urgent measures needed to save Lake Winnipeg's walleye fishery
Mar 13, 2018
Wildlife Federation wants province to buy back commercial quotas, impose sustainable harvest
Why waterfowlers need to hunt Vancouver Island's sea ducks
Mar 12, 2018
Colourful ducks offer a unique and challenging hunt amid rugged coastal beauty
Ice-fishing Friday: These perch lures aren't nationally famous—but they should be
Mar 9, 2018
Beaded spoons (aka Russian hooks) trigger yellow perch bites like no other lure
Ice Fishing
Gord Pyzer's Celebrity Chef-winning recipe: Decadent Almond-Crusted Walleye
Mar 8, 2018
At last week’s Mid-Canada Boat Show, judges were blown away by this simple, sumptuous fish dish
On the Water Online
Why swingers catch more fish than any other ice anglers
Mar 7, 2018
The simple, lethal lure hack OC's fishing editor tried (but failed) to keep secret
Ice Fishing


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