What the fish want

How to pick the right bait or lure for that first cast of the day

Wouldn't it be cool, as you stash your fishing gear into the boat and hook up the trailer to your tow vehicle, to be able to accurately gauge the fish activity level before you even get to the lake and make your first cast? 

If you could do it, you could much better determine if you should tie on and start the day fishing with a fast moving, aggressive horizontal presentation such as a surface bait or an erratic jerkbait, or a slower, more deliberate presentation such as a jig or stickworm. 

Well, the truth of the matter is, Mother Nature is constantly giving us clues as to what we can expect when we make our first cast—but we have to learn to listen. 

Actually, I should say look and listen

To better understand how you can quickly and accurately assess fish activity levels, simply click on the following short video.  I'm betting that if you put it into practice, you're not only going to catch more fish this summer, you're also going to impress your fishing buddies with your forecasting skills. 

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