Numbers game

The latest fascinating facts and figures about hunting and fishing in our nation

If you love the outdoors, you need to pay attention these numbers—both large and small.



Years since the Saskatchewan Fish and Game League changed its name to the present-day Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation to better reflect the association’s “expanding scope and activities.” Also in 1966, the B.C. Federation of Fish and Game Clubs changed its name to today’s B.C. Wildlife Federation to match its role in the “conservation of fish and wildlife and the environment for the benefit of everyone.”



Anniversary of Remington Arms. In 1816, Eliphalet Remington II (pictured) began making rifle barrels for flintlocks in his father’s forge in Ilion, New York, soon selling thousands to gunsmiths across the U.S. 



Anniversary of Rapala. It all began in 1936, when Finnish angler Lauri Rapala carved a piece of pine bark into the prototype of the now legendary Original Floating Rapala. 



Male sage grouse counted this spring in Alberta and Saskatchewan (46 and 33, respectively), up from a low of just 20 in 2014, according to the environmental law charity Ecojustice. The group credits court-ordered federal emergency protection for the rebound.



Anniversary of Winchester Repeating Arms. Oliver F. Winchester started the New Haven, Connecticut-based gun manufacturer in 1866, rolling out the aptly named Model 1866 lever-action rifle.