Blue Fish Radio: Urban angling with tournament pro David Chong
Apr 16, 2015
Hear how one of Canada’s premier pros fought the law to keep casting within city limits, plus get a few of his best urban angling tips
What's the best line for drop-shotting?
Apr 12, 2015
Braid or fluorocarbon? Fishing editor Gord Pyzer answers a question he's often asked at Outdoor Shows.
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And the walleye winners are .....
Apr 4, 2015
The season's best photos from Lake Winnipeg's awesome walleye fishery
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Blue Fish Radio: Taking on the scourge of illegal overfishing
Apr 2, 2015
How pirate fishing threatens marine ecosystems, and what Canadian anglers (and seafood lovers) can do about it
Lake Winnipeg's world-class walleye fishery
Mar 30, 2015
These shots prove it’s home to more 10-pound greenbacks than anywhere in the world
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Are European perch the same fish as our yellow perch?
Mar 21, 2015
What's the difference between our perch and North American perch? Fishing Editor Gord Pyzer explains.
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Blue Fish Radio: Flushing drugs into our fish
Mar 18, 2015
Drugs entering our ecosystem via household bathrooms are causing troubling effects, including male fish that have begun producing eggs
How important is the colour of your bait or lure?
Mar 15, 2015
Recent research from Carleton University's Institute of Environmental Science is sure to spark debate.
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Blue Fish Radio: A conversation with WFN’s Mark Melnyk
Mar 4, 2015
The host of Guided shares his insights on conservation, stewardship tips and, of course, a few fishing stories
Manitoba's Magnificent Perch Factory
Feb 28, 2015
Where's the hottest yellow perch ice fishing on the planet these days? Read on.
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Buzz Off
Feb 21, 2015
Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman, hosts of the Fish 'N Canada Show and the Outdoor Journal Radio Show, are going bald!
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Blue Fish Radio: Facing challenges and finding solutions to protect Lake of the Woods
Feb 18, 2015
Pro angler Lawrence Gunther talks to Dr. Glen Benoy about a new partnership to address algae blooms, invasive species and pollution in Ontario’s other great lake.
Don't Miss the Spring Fishing and Boat Show
Feb 8, 2015
It is that time of year again when, even though there is snow on the ground, the air is cold and many Canadian anglers are enjoying perfect ice fishing conditions, you can start to feel warmth in the sun.   And with...
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How to keep your fingers warm while on the water
Feb 3, 2015
Gord Pyzer’s latest video shows a simple trick for cold-weather fishing comfort
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Blue Fish Radio: How one Canadian scientist trained a fish to walk
Jan 29, 2015
Pro angler Lawrence Gunther talks to Dr. Emily Standen about how she replicated what nature accomplished 400 million years ago
My drive to work each day in the winter
Jan 25, 2015
Fishing editor Gord’s Pyzer’s commute is the stuff of dreams
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Measuring up: What you need to know about slot limits and checking your catch
Jan 21, 2015
I've said many time that the "good old days" of fishing are upon us right now.  And one of the reasons it's so good, is due to wise management and smart, modern fisheries regulations. 
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Fish in rivers near big music festivals get exposed to illicit drugs
Jan 15, 2015
Researchers find that levels of recreational drugs found in rivers rise after a big music festival in Taiwan
Weird, Wild and Wacky
Be more than current
Jan 10, 2015
It is great fun every Saturday morning to do the "Fish Talk With The Doc" segment on the Outdoor Journal Radio Show with Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman. And this past Saturday's show was no exception. 
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How to fine tune your sonar unit for ice fishing
Jan 4, 2015
Pro secrets for finding and catching more fish this winter
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Tips for catching (and eating!) freshwater herring
Dec 27, 2014
Also known as ciscoes, these tasty fish are on the comeback
On the Water Online
New species found five miles down in Pacific Ocean
Dec 21, 2014
Scientists believe it to be a kind of snailfish but can't confirm without a physical sample
Weird, Wild and Wacky
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