Bob Izumi’s Secret Strategies for Finding Early-season Hawg Bass

Bob Izumi

Pro Pointers from Bob Izumi

How to crush both largemouth and smallmouth on opening day

Bob Izumi
Bob Izumi

When he was 15 years old, Bob Izumi competed in Canada’s first-ever bass tournament—the Rondeau Bay Bass Tournament, run by his father, Joe. Almost 45 years later, the fishing legend’s winning resumé includes a GM Pro Bass Classic, a Costa FLW event, three GM Pro Canadian Open titles and a host of other individual and team accomplishments. He’s even won seven boats. Whether he’s chasing brown or green fish, Izumi says the first part of bass season is always his favourite. That’s not surprising. Along with his brother, Wayne, Izumi has won at least 30 tournaments during the early season. Here are some of his winning secrets.

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