How to match the hatch
Mar 28, 2011
When the bugs start hatching, it's time to tie one on
Fly Fishing
4 tips for city fishing
Mar 28, 2011
How to get on the fish in the urban jungle
Tips & Tactics
3 unique trout species
Mar 23, 2011
What's your favourite trout? That most likely depends on what's swimming in your own backyard. For most Canadian anglers, the answers no doubt revolve around brookies, browns, lakers and rainbows. Fine fish all, for sure. But if...
Tips & Tactics
Annapolis River
Mar 22, 2011
Species Bass, Shad, Trout Season Spring; best during the third week of May Location: Annapolis Valley, Nova ScotiaSource: Caribou Bog, near AylesfordLength: 120 kilometresHottest spot: Junction with Nictaux River In 2012, ranked #30 in all-time hot spots For non-stop action for two- to eight-pound American shad—fishing...
Lake Diefenbaker
Mar 17, 2011
Species Deer, Goose, Grouse, Partridge, Perch, Pheasant, Pike, Trout, Walleye/Pickerel Season Summer, Fall Coordinates 51° 1€² 53€³ N, 106° 50€² 9€³ W Location: Southern SaskatchewanHottest spot: West of the Riverhurst Ferry In 2012, ranked #10 in all-time hot spots This sprawling reservoir in southern Saskatchewan was filled in...
Lake Erie
Mar 16, 2011
Species Bass, Perch, Steelhead, Walleye/Pickerel Season Fall: September through November Coordinates 42.2°N 81.2°W Location: Bounded by Northern Ontario, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and MichiganSurface area: 25,744 square kilometresHottest spot: Port Dover to Port Colborne In 2012, ranked #15 in all-time hot spots Smallmouth bass, walleye and perch, with...
Lake of the Woods
Mar 15, 2011
Species Bass, Crappie, Muskellunge, Perch, Pike, Sturgeon, Trout, Walleye/Pickerel, Whitefish Season Year-round Coordinates 49°14′59″N 94°45′03″W Location: Northwestern OntarioSurface area: 4,348.6 square kilometresHottest spot: Tranquil Channel In 2012, ranked #4 in all-time hot spots What can you catch on northwestern Ontario’s Lake of the Woods? Practically whatever you feel...
How to fish shallow-water pike
Mar 15, 2011
Tips on finding and catching monster northerns in skinny water
Tips & Tactics
Lake Simcoe
Mar 14, 2011
Species Bass, Perch, Pike, Trout, Whitefish Season Any Season Location: Southern OntarioSurface area: 744 square kilometresHottest spot: South side of Thorah Island In 2012, ranked #1 in all-time hot spots This hot spot’s nomadic smallmouth can be tough to catch, but when they turn on, there’s...
Lake Winnipeg
Mar 13, 2011
Species Walleye/Pickerel Season Late winter, early spring: March Coordinates 52°7€²N 97°15€²W Location: Southern Manitoba Surface area: 24,514 square kilometres Hottest spot: Chalet Beach Best for walleye I don’t believe I’ve spent a single day ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg when at least one member of our three- or four-person party...
Minipi Watershed
Mar 12, 2011
Species Trout Season Summer: July and August Location: Newfoundland and Labrador In 2011, Best for brook trout Maybe it’s the pike picking off only the weakest fish or the chub providing abundant year-round protein. Or perhaps it’s the incredible fly hatches or the superior genetics...
Mistassini Lake
Mar 11, 2011
Species Pike, Trout, Walleye/Pickerel Season Summer: June Coordinates 50°57′N 73°42′W Location: Jamésie region, QuébecSurface area: 2,335 square kilometresHottest spot: The bays and around the northern islands In 2012, ranked #12 in all-time hot spots The trees lining Mistassini may be stunted, but the lake’s fish sure aren’t.
Giant lake trout and pike on Lake Athabasca: The movie
Mar 10, 2011
Subscribers should be receiving the March/April issue of Outdoor Canada magazine any day now, and among the great features, they’ll find a travel adventure story by yours truly. The subject? Trophy lake trout and northern pike fishing on...
Niagara River
Mar 10, 2011
Species Bass, Carp, Muskellunge, Pike, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Walleye/Pickerel Season Late winter: February and March Location: Bordering Ontario and New York Source: Lake ErieLength: 58 kilometresHottest spot: Whirlpool In 2012, ranked #17 in all-time hot spots Connecting Lakes Erie and Ontario, Niagara is world famous—but not for...
North Lake
Mar 9, 2011
Species Giant bluefin tuna Season Summer: last week of July Location: Prince Edward Island Hottest spot: Wherever MacNeill takes you Best for giant bluefin tuna Word on the wharf at North Lake was that a giant bluefin tuna had been landed, so I decided to stick...
Rainy Lake
Mar 8, 2011
Species Bass, Crappie Season Fall: October Location: Borders Minnesota and Ontario Surface area: 890 square kilometres Hottest spot: Northwest Bay In 2012, ranked #36 in all-time hot spots In 2000, we picked northwestern Ontario’s Rainy Lake as Canada’s hottest spot for trophy smallmouth, and it remained...
Red River
Mar 7, 2011
Species Catfish Season Spring: Mid-May to mid-June Coordinates 50°23€² 7€³N, 96°48€²39€³W Location: Flows through Red River Valley, Minnesota, and North Dakota; empties into Lake Winnipeg Length: 885 kilometres Hottest spot: Current scours just downstream of the Selkirk dam Best for channel catfish American anglers wet their pants talking about the...
Saint John River
Mar 6, 2011
Species Bass Season Fall: September to November Coordinates 45°16€²0 N, 66 4€²0 Location: New Brunswick Length: 673 kilometres Hottest spot: Reversing Falls Best for large striped bass Thank goodness striped bass are wanderers. Up the east coast of the U.S. they travel before entering Canadian waters and eventually hanging a...
St. Lawrence River
Mar 5, 2011
Species Bass, Carp, Muskellunge, Perch, Pike, Sturgeon, Trout, Walleye/Pickerel Season Fall: October and November Location: Travels through Ontario and Quebec Length: 1,197 kilometresHottest spot: Windmill Point In 2012, ranked #7 in all-time hot spots Draining the world’s largest system of freshwater lakes, the St. Lawrence is a...
11 basic ice fishing tips
Mar 4, 2011
Just learning how to fish on ice? Here's what you need to know to get started
Ice Fishing
South Ram River
Mar 4, 2011
Species Trout Season Summer: late July Location: Central Alberta, north of Calgary Hottest spot: Six pools downstream of Ram Falls Best for westslope cutthroat trout I knew I wanted to move to Alberta the first time I saw the South Ram River. As a kid from...
Why muskies need protection
Mar 3, 2011
Tough as they seem, muskies are fragile creatures. Here's what one fishing club is doing to help them
Tips & Tactics
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