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Where and how to find bargains on fly tying materials
Jan 17, 2014
When it comes to tying materials, it pays to fish for deals at non-traditional retailers
The spey way
Apr 15, 2014
For fishing in tight quarters, this fly cast is just the ticket
10 soft-hackle flies you need to know
Feb 11, 2014
From classic patterns of yore to more modern creations, here are 10 flies that fool fish with the allure of soft hackle
Catching 'eyes on the fly
Oct 29, 2013
A rediscovered passion for catching autumn walleye
How to find more time for fly fishing
Jul 2, 2013
Plan to fish more this summer—anywhere any time
Tips for fly fishing with scuds
May 20, 2013
It may not be flashy, but the tiny scuds gets big results. Here's what you need to know to start fishing with them
How to double-rig for fly fishing
May 13, 2013
If you're toiling to find out what the fish want, why not put two flies to work? Here are a few tips on how to do it
Having trouble tying flies? Here's how to get into the game
Feb 11, 2013
After an hour at the vise, are you fit to be tied? Here are a few tips to to make your tying tops
Top videos for fly tying tips
Oct 29, 2012
Featuring everything from basic patterns to expert creations, these flicks let you get up close and personal with some talented fly tiers
Why you should try tenkara-style no-reel fly fishing
Aug 2, 2012
How fishing with just a rod, line and fly is luring new fans
The other trout
Jul 10, 2012
Target river smallies the same way you go after trout and you'll be sure to land a few fish
Tips for fly fishing from a boat
Jun 4, 2012
Learn casting tips for canoes, kayaks, motor boats and more
10 classic dry flies for trout
Apr 24, 2012
Fool brookies, browns, ’bows and more across Canada with these 10 classic dry flies
Top fly tackle 2012
Apr 12, 2012
The year's must-haves for fly-fishing, straight from the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
Easy 3-step fly casting
Mar 7, 2012
Find out why this new technique is all the rage in fly fishing
How to get your flies down deep
Mar 5, 2012
These lines get your flies down deep—and keep them there
What to pack for a tropical fishing trip
Feb 7, 2012
A flyfisher's guide to what to bring when heading south
10 best fly patterns
Sep 26, 2011
When the baitfish binge is on, these 10 unique fly patterns are proven producers
Fly fishing for walleye
Jul 9, 2011
Greenbacks love a tasty streamer, especially in spring
Fly-fishing for toothy longnosed gar
Jul 8, 2011
A few things about longnose gar: they’re incredibly slimy, horribly smelly, extremely ugly and downright treacherous if you get on the wrong side of their razor-toothed snout. Nevertheless, I’ve wanted to catch one ever since I was a kid, when...
1st Annual B.C. Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championship
Jun 24, 2011
Congrats to the winners of the first annual B.C. Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championship, held last Friday and Saturday on Trojan Pond near the town of Logan Lake, B.C. Eight teams of five anglers apiece vied for the top team and...
Canada's Kathryn Maroun featured in U.S. fly-fishing exhibit
Jun 15, 2011
If you happen to be visiting or passing through Manchester, Vermont, in the next little while, make a point of stopping by the American Museum of Fly Fishing. Founded in 1968 to “preserve and exhibit the treasures of American angling,”...
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