How to travel light, but still eat well on a backcountry adventure

Nick Trehearne

Backpack Cuisine

You don’t need to sacrifice nutrition or taste when eating out of a bag. Here’s how


At the end of a long day in the field or on the water, there’s nothing more satisfying than a piping hot meal. If you’re confident in your wild food procurement skills, a crispy fish fry, seared venison tenderloin or grilled duck breast are a few options. But such meals aren’t always possible or practical on backcountry adventures, when you’re carrying everything on your back. Instead, dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are a convenient way to stay nourished, while minimizing weight. But you don’t need to sacrifice nutrition or taste just because you’re eating out of a bag. Here’s how.

Lowell Strauss

Saskatchewan’s Lowell Strauss often writes about hunting dogs for Outdoor Canada. He's our top dog guy!

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