How much is your antique gun worth? These Outdoor Canada readers find out
Jan 22, 2018
Investigating a rare North-West Mounted Police .45-75 Winchester, a pair 100-year-old rifles and a WWII Mauser
How to hunt for colourful ringnecks before, during and after a snowfall
Jan 8, 2018
What you need to know about Alberta’s amazing late-season pheasant hunting
Meet Canada's Top Outdoorswoman: Winnipeg's Carly Deacon
Jan 1, 2018
Winner of our contest is a life-long hunter, trapper, angler and dedicated conservationist
Outdoor Canada's top 10 fishing and hunting stories of 2017
Dec 30, 2017
Our most popular stories included walleye secrets, moose-hunting blunders, top tackle and, believe it or not, bananas
4 fantastic hunting photos taken by Outdoor Canada readers
Dec 21, 2017
Each of these hunters had a great season—and they’ve got the shots to prove it!
Outdoor Canada's 2017 holiday gift guide for anglers and hunters
Dec 20, 2017
Give the gift of outdoor adventure with this awesome gear, including fishing tackle, hunting accessories, apparel, tasty treats and more
Hunting for a new riflescope? Before you buy, consider these three crucial factors
Dec 14, 2017
For great glass, pick the right magnification, lens diameter and reticle for your hunt
This Canadian's world record vanished, but he still took a seriously big animal
Dec 13, 2017
Expert hunter offers tips on firepower, ethics, stalking and long shots
Want to land a monster fall muskie? Toss a giant bait into moving water
Dec 7, 2017
Fishing editor Gord Pyzer reveals his top fall muskie spots—and why they’re all rivers
3 reasons why bowhunters need to stop thinking like rifle hunters
Dec 5, 2017
To arrow big game, archers need a fresh perspective to calling, stalking and ambushing
Mule deer: Top trophy tips for both bow and rifle hunters
Dec 1, 2017
What to know about location, gear, strategy for Canadian mule deer hunts
How the scents of autumn remind us of days afield, and hunts yet to come
Nov 30, 2017
Rich, familiar smells define this special season, and inspire cherished memories
How much is your heirloom firearm worth? These Outdoor Canada readers find out
Nov 28, 2017
The wild stories behind a pair of Winchester rifles, and a Smith & Wesson .38 Special
Trophy elk: Everything you need to know about calling—and listening to—big bulls
Nov 27, 2017
Call in a bugler by understanding what he’s saying, and talking back to him
4 time-tested tactics for tagging out on a trophy whitetail
Nov 24, 2017
Big-buck expert explains when to use a stand, still-hunt, track or deer drive
Gunning for late-season mallards? Change tactics with this sneaky set-up
Nov 23, 2017
OC’s hunting editor shares his secret for bagging these hungry—but wary—ducks
Why southeastern Saskatchewan is a dream destination for waterfowl hunters
Nov 20, 2017
In this prairie paradise you can hunt duck, geese and sandhill cranes—on the same day!
9 awesome new knives for Canadian big-game hunters
Nov 15, 2017
This hunting season, stay on the cutting edge with these bad-ass blades
Looking for fall hunting and fishing adventure? Check out these great Canadian getaways
Nov 13, 2017
When planning for next year, try these autumn hot spots for monster moose, hoards of honkers or tremendous trout
How angling skills can put more upland birds in your game bag
Nov 10, 2017
5 never-fail tips from Gord Pyzer on “fishing” for grouse
Want to become a better hunter? Take a tenderfoot afield!
Nov 9, 2017
How mentoring can sharpen your own skills and give you a fresh perspective
Moroccan Grilled Duck: Succulent spices perfectly matched with wild waterfowl
Nov 3, 2017
Recipe + bonus video: Tender spice-infused duck breasts topped with pear and apple chutney
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