The year’s best new fishing kayaks for Canadian anglers

Crack kayaks

These hard-core fishing machines go where the big boats can’t—and then some


US$799, Emotion Kayaks,

Key features: 11′ 6″ beginner-to-intermediate kayak; V-tunnel combination hull for stability; universal YakAttack GearTrac System for accessories; three-position seat.

The promise: “A versatile, customizable, innovative, sit-on-top kayak.”

Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner

Outdoor Canada associate editor and fly-fishing columnist Scott Gardner is happiest when he's on the water fishing (especially from his kayak) or just surrounded by trees, preferably out of cell phone range. Since joining Outdoor Canada in 2010, Scott has won nine National Communication Awards from the Outdoor Writers of Canada for his adventure travel and fly fishing articles, and been nominated for five National Magazine Awards.

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