Tournament fishing in Barbados

This past Thursday, I joined my wife and three kids on a five-day getaway to Barbados (we head back to Canada today). The deal was she would write about the island’s offering for kids (Jackie works for Today’s Parent magazine), while I would cover off the fishing end of things.

One big problem (for me): Saturday and Sunday were the opening days of the Barbados Game Fishing Association International fishing tournament, and that meant most of this small island nation’s charters had already been seconded to the competition. In turn, that meant there were few available boats to take me fishing

The solution? Thanks to the BGFA’s president, Frank Armstrong, I was invited to join Brave Heart, a boat from St. Lucia that was short on crew. And so I ended up fishing the weekend with boat owner Jimmy Jack, a Scotsman (hence the name of the vessel), and his captain, Griffith David from St. Lucia, where Jimmy keeps his boat. In all, we logged some 19 hours on the water together.

At any rate, our two days out on the roiling Atlantic made for quite a tale, and one you’ll have to read about in an upcoming issue of Outdoor Canada. In the meantime, special thanks also must go to Maria Bovell, marketing executive with the Barbados Tourism Authority, for teeing me up with Frank Armstrong at the BGFA.

And, of course, thanks go to my new fishing buddies, Jimmy and Griffith, not to mention Frank Armstrong. You guys are top drawer. (And Frank, special congrats also go out to you and your associates for the BGFA’s 50th anniversary.

If anyone’s looking for a now slightly experienced crew member for next year, you know where to find me. Jimmy, you get first dibs.

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh is Outdoor Canada's Editor-in-Chief and Brand Manager. He grew up fishing and hunting in Bracebridge, Ontario, where he began his magazine career in 1983 as assistant editor of Muskoka Life magazine. Since then, he has worked for a variety of media, both in Canada and abroad, earning numerous writing and editing awards. In 2005, 2011 and 2012, the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors named him Editor of the Year, while Outdoor Canada was honoured as Magazine of the Year (in the medium circulation category). Walsh has been at the magazine's helm since 2000.